Christian Ethics And Morals

As a separate branch of study Christian Ethics and Morals dates only from the Reformation. It was natural, and perhaps inevitable that the first efforts of the Church should be occupied with the formation and elaboration of dogma.
In all ages there has been a tendency to separate truth and duty. But knowledge has two sides; it is at once a revelation and a challenge. There is no truth which has not its corresponding obligation, and no obligation which has not its corresponding truth.
It is this practical element which gives to the study of morals its justification and makes it specially important for the Christian teacher. In this sense Ethics is really the crown of theology and ought to be the end of all previous study.
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Christian Ethics And Morals


The Nature And Scope Of Ethics

The Postulates Of Christian Ethics

Ethical Thought Before Christ

The Estimate Of Man

The Witness Of Conscience

The Miracle Of The Will Is Man free to choose the Good?

Modern Theories Of Life

The Christian Ideal

Standard And Motive

The Dynamic Of The New Life

Virtues And Virtue

The Realm Of Duty

Social Institutions


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